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7 hacks for the best first impression

5. Posture

Something as seemingly insignificant as the way you stand or sit gives away a lot about your personality. If the meeting or the interview is in a room, walk confidently rather than stand at the door like a punished child. Walk tall, with a straight back and even shoulders.  A case of slouching shoulders can be counterproductive for you image. Harvard-based psychologist Amy Cuddy says standing tall and sitting straight can make one come across as a powerful personality.

6. A good Conversation

A good conversation is the crux of a well-conducted meeting. Start with a good introduction, explaining the reason of your visit or discussing the agenda on your mind, without getting into too many details. Rather than making the conversation completely revolve around what you want to say, give the person a chance to express their view.

7. Baggage

Behavioural investigator Vanessa Van Edwards says that majority of interviewers think that a person carrying more than one piece of baggage like a bag or a purse as disorganised and messy. You could keep your coat or bag or anything else you might not need in your car. If someone asks at the reception whether they could keep your coat, then the answer should always be a yes.

If you notice your favourite celebrities, you will observe there’s something about them that draws people to them. For instance, you can notice how sophisticated US president Barack Obama and Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan look but at the same time they are highly approachable. Making a lasting impression isn’t rocket science. Rather, it is just being yourself and being confident in your own skin.