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What’s wrong with Android Neyyappam?

It all started with Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s visit to India last year. On response to a student’s query over naming a version of the android OS after an Indian Dessert. Pichai had also said at the time, “And if all Indians vote, I think we buy levitra walmart rx can make it (an Indian name) happen.”

he #NameAndroidN website allows anyone to participate and suggest a name for Android N, till 12.29 pm June 9, IST.Apparently, a Bangalore based Software Engineer Arun Kumar initiated the stir which has become more of a trend in social media. This Kerala based dessert now has been featured on the official Android website as one of the probable names for Android N.


Some Neyyappam fan have even made website featuring Android N AndroidNeyyappam. Although Google reserves the right to pick the final name. Let’s Hope!

Anyhow you can cast your suggestion at this link Name for Android N