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Why Sunglasses are OVER-PRICED?

As compared to other products, we may have always felt that the sunglasses are highly over-rated and certainly over-priced.


Starting from Oakley to Ray-Ban there are too many sunglass brands to choose from, and if you are satisfied only with the best then you can go for Prada or BVLGARI. With this immense brands You’d think the competition would force the prices down. But it’s not happening and will never ever be happening. know WHY? The reason behind is a little known but a very big company called the Luxottica. If you own a nice pair of specs or shades, they’re probably theirs. Luxottica is the biggest eyewear company on earth. Starting off as a tiny Italian glasses company, all of a sudden Luxottica starts buying every glass-related company on which it can get it’s hands on. As sildenafil citrate therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension well as pretty much every fashion designer into letting them make their sunglasses line.

Luxotica controls 80% of the sunglasses market and all of their sunglasses are made either in Italy or China. They partner with Oakley, own Ray-Ban and a lot of other name brands. You are paying for the brand name and the frame style – nothing else.

Luxotica have made their monopoly in the sunglasses business, you may thought of buying a decent pair of sunglass from anyone among the other manufactures. But the result will be all the same, whenever someone starts the sunglass business our Gaint will come out and take it over with an offer no one could ever refuse.

Personally I tend to go with cheaper no-name sunglasses, but I make sure that they have UVA and UVB protection down to 400nm. If they say they meet ANSI Z80.3 standards, then they are good enough.